How to recover deleted pictures from corrupted memory card of Sony digital camera?

How lost pictures can be recovered from corrupted memory card of Sony digital camera?

Why Sony digital camera does displays an error massage “memory card unusable”?

Is it possible to reload the deleted picture in a better quality in Sony digital camera?

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Are you searching your lost pictures in Sony digital camera and unable to find it due to memory card corruption? The easy way to find it, just access picture recovery software and get rid of such a problem in a short time. Sony digital camera picture recovery is easy by using picture recovery software.

If you are getting massages like “memory card unusable” or “reformatting memory card” this means your memory card is corrupted due to human error, suddenly pulling out memory card, battery failure, hardware corruption, virus attack and many more…… Picture recovery software provides the best solution to avoid these error massages.

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Picture recovery software recovers the deleted picture even if Sony digital camera is accessing its function. It is a powerful image retrieval application that fetches the lost photos from secured digital card, micro drive and MMD card.

Sony digital camera supports SR2 file format to store the captured pictured. Picture recovery software retrieves all pictures that are previously stored in RAW and JPEG file format of Sony digital camera including extension files bmp, jpg, mpeg and tiff. Sony Digital camera photo recovery is GUI based application and user friendly.

Picture recovery software that supports Sony digital camera has lots of special features

  • Supports all types of file format like jpg, jpeg, mpg, mpeg, including SR2
  • Can get back deleted picture due to formatting , reformatting, virus attack and any other reason
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Ensures complete data return
  • Performs fast function on Sony digital camera memory card to recover its lost picture
  • Recovers all types of files like audio, video and still pictures
  • User friendly application that need no technical knowledge

Picture recovery software can be easily installed on following operating system like Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, and vista and also supports all versions of Macintosh operating system. It successfully supports Sony digital camera to reload the lost pictures. The picture recovery software ensures to reload the pictures in the same digital camera without any destruction and even in better quality. e. It retrieves photos of all type file format supported by a digital camera. It also saves the time that are wasted in finding the missed photos.

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